Selling Process


1. BROKER APPOINTMENT: If you are interested in selling your home, we urge you to contact a Realtor at Berry Realty Group for a free consultation. The purpose of this visit is to get acquainted with one another and develop a professional relationship so as to clarify your goals and how we can help you meet and likely surpass these goals.

2. MARKETING PLAN: At this appointment, your Realtor at Berry Realty Group will explain the best tools to market your home in today’s real estate market. The most effective marketing strategies are not always what people think. All Realtors at Berry Realty Group are highly motivated to implement the most effective tools and strategies to sell your home quickly and for the highest price.

3. PRICE EVALUATION: Determining the correct list price is one of the most critical elements when listing your home for sale. Your Realtor at Berry Realty Group will offer a price opinion based upon their research and expert knowledge of comparable properties. Our Realtors have access to information about recent sales that are not available to the general public. These valuable tools help us determine a realistic list price for your home. One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is pricing their home too high. Market activity is at it’s highest when a listing comes to market so setting the right listing price is imperative in today’s market. Buyers are educated by their brokers, and when in contract, most buyers will get an appraisal. If the home is priced too high, it will sit on the market for a long period of time. Thus, the listing will become stale and brokers will stop showing your home believing the seller is unrealistic about the value of their home.

4. RECOMMENDATIONS: Your Realtor at Berry Realty Group will make recommendations to prepare your home for sale. Typically, we recommend you declutter your home of bulky furniture. The goal is to remove excess furniture and counter top items so a buyer can visualize the space for what it is and how their personal belongings will fit into the home. We also suggest you “depersonalize” your home such as removing family pictures or memorabilia so that the buyer can envision it as their home. Your Realtor may recommend improvements such as neutral paint, new carpet and remedial repairs. Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects in preparing your home for sale. This is the buyers first impression of your home and when a home has detrimental curb appeal, often buyers will not even enter the home. The Golden Rule is when preparing your home for sale, put yourself in the eyes of a buyer and not your own. Our Realtors can offer professional advice as it relates to preparing your home for a quick sale at the best price.

5. LISTING AGREEMENT: In order to sell your home, you must enter into a listing agreement with Berry Realty Group. We have attractive commission structures and recommend you call for a free consultation and listen to what we have to offer. The listing agreement is simple and straight forward so as to protect your interests. We will negotiate a listing agreement for any period of time you feel comfortable and will be nothing short of a win-win for you. Our Realtors are highly motivated to sell your home fast because our Realtors do not get paid until your home is sold at the highest price.

6. SIGNAGE: We at Berry Realty Group encourage signage in front of your home. We have eye catching professionally designed signs installed in front of your home. Signage is very effective in soliciting calls to see your home by prospective buyers who drive by it, or even your neighbors of whom may have a family member or friend they would like to live nearby.

7. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE: This is one of the most powerful tools offered. Nearly all homes are sold utilizing the features of the MLS. We at Berry Realty Group promote your home on the daily MLS “Hot Sheet” for every broker to see. Statistically, the most effective tool for selling your home is networking with local brokers. The MLS is the first layer and most effective median to accomplish this goal. From this foundation we will build a marketing strategy to sell your home quickly.

8. INTERNET MARKETING: Over 90% of home buyers search for property online. Berry Realty Group recognizes this by way of making your home visible not only on Berry Realty but on the major real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia and Your home will also be included in our “Featured Listings” which is found on our website as well as all the major real estate sites. We offer this service until it your home is sold.

9. BROKER OPEN: We at Berry Realty Group understand the effectiveness of exposing your home for sale in as many forums as possible. With your consent, we promote your home in a secured environment wherein we offer a private preview invitation to top producing brokers. We also implement strategic network marketing tools proven to attract attention to your home at the broker open.

10.OPEN HOUSE: Realtors at Berry Realty Group believe an open house is a great way to get prospective buyers to see your home. Many buyers know the neighborhood they want to live in and will drive through these neighborhoods on weekends to visit various open houses. This gives buyers the freedom to spontaneously see property without scheduling appointments with a broker. We also find your neighbors will visit the open house. Contrary to what many buyers may think, your neighbors are a valuable resource for prospective buyers. They know the area and often times have friends and family they may want to have as neighbors thereby introducing them to your open house.

11. MARKETING: With every listing we realize how valuable your neighbors are as advocates for the sale of your home. Neighbors also “talk up” the neighborhood as they want to see you get top dollar for your home. If you get top dollar for your home, then the value of their home increases. Thus we send out high quality brochures containing details about your home in an effort to network with those in your community, We utilize promising marketing tools that will get your home sold quickly.

12. NETWORKING: It’s about who you know. The Realtors at Berry Realty Group believe the most effective way to sell your home is to network with local brokers as well as your neighbors and businesses within your community. We also promote the sale of your property with brokers outside the community both domestically and internationally. We find this to be the most effective resource in getting your home exposed to as many real buyers as possible.

13. SOLD: It is our goal to get your home sold as quickly as possible for top dollar. Realtors at Berry Realty Group understand if you are excited about how well we sell your home, you will refer us clients. Our business is mostly referral. Since we rely on referrals, we strive to do an exceptional job representing you in the sale of your home. We know that by way of doing an extraordinary job, you will refer family and friends in the years to come.

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DISCLOSURE: This information is offered as a general explanation of the selling process. Every real estate transaction is different and the terms negotiated in each contract is different. Therefore, it is important that you not rely solely on statements set forth herein, but carefully read and understand all contracts and supporting documents to see what is applicable to your transaction.